Fiction Nightmare – Aghoris – I

A gigantic fire is burning at the sands of river Ganges encircled by five Aghoris in dark. They are continuously chanting the mantras and from time to time Shalini starts to dance upon her place. She looks as someone has painted her in pale white color, her hair is open swinging with the movements which she takes from time to time. At times she moans aloud as if in severe pain. Two hours have already passed but the Tantra Siddhi is still in process. From the far off bank of other side of the river someone can see only the burning fire and from time to time the reflection of fire which is coming from the dazzling attire which Shalini is wearing. The Tantra Siddhi continues for up to three o’clock at the night when at last Shalini fells on ground and Aghoris stop chanting mantras.

Shalini is the only child of his father. His father did love marriage to her mother and left his family’s home way back. Her mother died soon when she was a little kid only. His father looked after her since her mother died till she becomes a doctor. One day when Shalini returns from hospital at night she sees her father sitting on his usual armchair waiting for her. She hugs his father but he is already gone. She checks his pulse but it’s too late. It is an instant death due to heart attack.

The cremation ground is full with numbers of dead bodies. These dead bodies are being burnt on different places with the presence of few of their family members on the banks of River Ganges. Shalini comes with his father’s dead body; Shalini is his only relation left alive in this whole world. Cremators stop her to go further as they explain the cremation ground is prohibited for the girls but Shalini doesn’t want to miss the chance to see her father last time. She goes with her father’s dead body to the cremation place. The cremation starts and when the dead body burns to half suddenly from nowhere the Aghoris come and start to eat the dead body of her father taking it from the burning fire. Seeing that she starts shouting upon them and the members present there who came with other dead bodies try to make Aghoris leave the dead body but soon they take the big chunks of her father’s dead body to darkness and vanishes.

Somehow the cremation ends and Shalini returns with the ashes of her father to home. She opens her gate and goes inside when she sees her father one more time sitting at his usual armchair waiting for her. When he noticed that Shalini has arrived he vanishes instantly.

Shalini tries to sleep but the memories of her father are looming large upon her. She remembers the day when she was a child and his father used to take her to school. About the incident when she passed the medical examination and her father got retired from the government’s office. Few days back they were planning for Shalini to get married. But now he has gone himself. How will she live lonely in this cruel world?

When she is half asleep someone come near to her bed in her room and put a large blanket upon her. She tries to fight and sought but to no avail as other joins the one outside of her house. They are five in a group. After a while she faints inside the blanket itself and when she opens her eyes again she finds herself at the sand of the Ganges. Wearing a dazzling cloth; hair disheveled and body painted in pale white.

Next morning when she opens her eyes she finds herself in her bed again. Not a single mark of what happened to her last night. She checks it again and again in the mirror but now she is Shalini – the normal one. How could it be possible? She still remembers the faces of those Aghoris; the Tantrik Siddhi, her unconscious dancing, her pale look. All are gone. She goes to the room where she put his father’s ashes last night it is still there. Nothing has changed since she came home after the cremation of her father. She instantly goes out and takes a Rikshaw and reaches to the point where she remembers she was present last night at the sands but to her surprise nothing is present there as well- not a single mark of last night. She returns back to her home and sits on the armchair thinking about her dream. m


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