Fiction Nightmare – Dead Searches Someone to Sooth-II


The smell was gone outside and was filled with the smoke of cigarette and alcohol which his neighbor savored little before. Everything was quite outside as the neighbors have slept and nobody was awake at this odd time of the night.

Bijoy don’t have the courage to go inside again to his room so he closed his door and went up to the roof which was just at the next floor from his room. He inhaled plenty of fresh air and walked a bit to sooth his nausea from the foul smell which he had at his room few moments ahead. He watched at his mobile phone which told that it was 02:00 at the night. He stayed there for half an hour and when his fatigued not allowed him to be there anymore he came back to his room again. When he opened the door of his room the foul smell was harsher so he sprayed the perfume in the room which he uses and tried to sleep. At that night only he saw some of the scariest dreams of his life.

He still remembers them and tells in detail about the dreams when somebody asks him about his experience of ghosts or paranormal activity. Next day Bijoy followed his regular routine and while returning he saw that there was not much crowd in the bus. Gargi was also absent in this bus. So instead of sitting with the conductor as he sometimes do when in a mood to talk somebody while returning home he chose a seat at the rear of the bus and tried to sleep. Breeze was soothing and suddenly he felt asleep laying his head on the corner of the window.

Suddenly Bijoy was awakened from his sleep and the bus conductor was shaking him harshly.

Conductor: Sir, what will we do? No matter what you say we won’t turn the bus again as it’s your fault that you slept by yourself and told nobody to awoke you at your stop.

Bijoy came to senses and saw that it was not his usual spot where his bus drops him. The bus was standing somewhere else. There was nobody in the bus except the conductor and Bijoy, the driver was gone somewhere. Bijoy understood the situation that while he was asleep the bus moved forward and as Bijoy will ask the driver to return back at this odd hour; firstly they sent the driver somewhere and then the conductor awoke him. Bijoy was now feeling fresh as he has had some sleep since last night so decided he will get down and catch something else to return to his home.

Bijoy assured conductor that he won’t tell him to turn the bus and got down from it. The conductor told him that the bus is in South Extension. Bijoy took large amount of fresh air while crossing the street as there was not much traffic on the road at that time. He saw it was already 01:00 in night. He was in a mood to walk a bit before to get a vehicle to drop him at his home.

He strolled passed a petrol pump and few buildings when he reached to a lamp post from where a road diverse to a darker road and the main road turning into a fly over. Now Bijoy saw him the second time from a fairly shorter distance. Heavy build, 6 and a half feet tall, face as white as painted in color, red blazing eyes, black darker eye,s outline and a hefty bag on his back. The atmosphere around him was engulfed with the same foul odor which he felt at his room last night. Now he was gazing straight in the eyes of Bijoy and as if was asking him for the answers or calling him somewhere.

Bijoy was glued to his place at the footpath, after a while the figure moved a bit and started to stroll towards the darker diverse of the road beneath the flyover. Bijoy waited a while but couldn’t resist following him. The figure was moving ahead and Bijoy was following him without self restrain. After a while the figure stopped and crossed the road and get off to the road to beneath the flyover. Bijoy noticed that beneath the flyover there was another road which was straight and was not having a single vehicle. Just beneath the flyover at a point where there was no light at all the figure stopped in the dark. Bijoy was transfixed at his place few steps behind the figure. Bijoy saw a speedy vehicle was moving in the same direction where they were. As Bijoy was on the corner of the road he was safe but the figure was standing at the middle of the road. Now he shouted to figure to move away from the road but he was gazing in eyes of Bijoy and said nothing the speedy vehicle passed straight from the figure and there was not an accident as the figure was nowhere in the scene. Bijoy couldn’t believe his eyes what had he seen. He was transfixed there for a while but the figure never returned. Bijoy was filled with tears in his thoughts. He climbed up the road to fly over again to other side and came up at the road where the fly over ended. He stopped a car which he saw at once, the driver told that he is coming from dropping someone and returning to the same route near to Sri Niwaspur. Bijoy never heard the driver what he was saying and climbed the vehicle. When he saw his stoppage he told the driver to stop there. From there he went straight to his flat and poured some water in his palms from a small bottle which he brought from Haridwar at his last visit, chanted something in his thoughts and let it fall at the floor of his room. He took a bath and went straight to his bed.

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