Fiction Nightmare -The Woman -II


Sundaram was digging a pit to unearth few articles from the mound for his collection and finds bones of dead. They were freshly buried bodies as the stink is still present. He left those areas after burying the dead again. Next he searched an area at the mound where the soil was still firm and old. He dug for a while deeper and deeper. Initially he unearthed a stone sculpture beneath; than the layer of bricks. Down further he found few potteries and clay materials and beads. Nothing further down; he was close to pack the pit when he noticed there were people on the mound. They were coming towards him. But how was it possible as he hadn’t noticed anyone there earlier? They were in a group of four, they came to him and without saying a word pushed him and the artifacts in the pit and started to fill it. Aghast; Sundaram tried to come up but could not do as one of the man just jumped upon him in the pit. The others were still filling it. He felt heavy load on him more in comparison to a man. Now he was horrified. The pit was getting darker as the soil was filling it. In no time the second & third one jumped in the pit and the fourth one continued filling it. Now, Sundaram was not able to see anything but was sensing what was happening there. The last one jumped in the pit at last and started to scratch the left over soil on him. The load upon Sundaram was getting heavier and heavier that he started to suffocate.

All this happened in such a hurry that in no time Sundaram was beneath at least 10 feet down the earth and was packed with soil and bodies. He was in no situation to contemplate what was happening. But soon he realized the body upon him started to smell and changed into bones as the load upon him bit deteriorated. Unmovable; he was suffocating when he woke up.

Sundaram yelled and opened his eyes, stifled and sweating hard. The child of Dimu was sitting upon his chest and jumping hard on it. Soon the child heard the Sundaram cry and seeing his eyes, got down from his chest and started to walk toward the mound. It was still dark deep night. Child disappeared in dark at the mound and Sundaram could not realize what was happening there. It was 2 o’clock at night when this incident happened. After a while Sundaram came to his senses and drank a whole jug of water laying beneath his bed and walked a bit on the veranda and at the nearby open space till the well where a small temple was situated. He found that someone was sitting on the steps of the temple. As he had already gone through a lot in this night; he cautiously stepped forward toward the individual sitting at the footsteps of the temple.

Sundaram met the most beautiful woman in life there sitting on the step of the temple at these odd hours of night. She had an immaculate composure which Sundaram could realize in this dark night without lights. He walked further and saw the woman from a closer distance to indentify. The face he saw was like princes from history. Long hair, protruding eyes, shaped face and body; the fragrance of her was unmatched with what he would have ever smelled. He instantly fell in love with the woman. Seeing Sundaram coming toward her she got up from the footsteps of the temple and started to walk toward the mound. Sundaram followed her towards the mound which was not at distance. Suddenly he heard Dimu shouting behind him. He turned toward the voice of Dimu who was calling Sundaram from his veranda to come back. Instantly when he turned again toward the woman she was gone. There was nobody there to a distance he could see at night. Now, Dimu was coming close to him and was asking him please don’t go after her. She is “the woman”.

They both returned to the veranda. When Sundaram told him about his child, Dimu said he is safe inside and it must have been someone else’s child who Sundaram saw that night. Sundaram told about the dream to Dimu on which he replied it’s normal as I have already told you about the nightmares. After some consolation from Dimu; Sundaram was about to retire when he heard a sound from the well as someone has jumped into it. Dimu was nowhere there. Sundaram instantly reached to the well and saw that it was Dimu’s child who was inside the well and now was shouting for help. Sundaram threw the rope at once to bring him up, as he noticed someone behind him. He turned and it was Dimu. Before Sundaram could say something Dimu pushed him into the well.  Dimu’s child was upon Sundaram and was trying to drown him. Sundaram was gulping water in abundance as the weight of the child was very heavy, unlike of a child. At a point when he was about to die; he opened his eyes and saw that he was still on his bed.

Sundaram was dreaming all the time since he slept and now as the morning was approaching fast he had no inclination to go to bed again. Early morning hour’s breeze was soothing him from the dreams. He walked towards the well which was quite and usual as he saw last day. He climbed the steps of the temple and went inside. He set there for a while till the sun lighted the whole place. He got down from the temple and walked towards the mound to enquire where he will dig today for the artifacts. He reached at the same place where he was digging in his dream last night and found the pit was open and the artifacts he unearthed in his dream was laying there-A beautiful statue of a woman, pots, clay items. At once he realized something is wrong with this place. He savored the beauty of the statue as long as he could; then tossed them one by one in the pit again and packed it.

Sundaram returned from there empty handed but an experience never to forget. Since the dream he saw at the place, Sundaram frequently sees unusual dreams. Which usually have same occurrences in real life. The next time when he visited there in day hours, he came to know that the child of Dimu died few days later since his last visit. Four more men died in the villages nearby in quick succession after Dimu’s son and were buried there at the mound. Dimu’s wife was pregnant again and Sundaram knew well that it will be a male child. Now, Sundaram knows much about the woman as he is compassionate about her. He somehow knows when the woman burnt herself she was pregnant as well. The baby was burnt alive with her mother in her womb only. He knows the family conceives the same baby again and again till his mother takes her back to the mound.

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