11pm Nightmare: The Wall III

The wall III

The figure grunts for a while on seeing Vaibhav standing there with Sameer. Slowly the figure vanishes in dark. Soon after; Vaibhav returns back from the society contemplating what to do next. As he reaches at home his family is waiting for him, he simply tells a lie to them that one of his friends had an accident and he was at the hospital waiting for his parents to come.

Next morning when the group reaches at the playground Sameer is already waiting for them. Sameer takes Vaibhav to a corner:

Sameer : I am extremely sorry Vaibhav, you got late yesterday because of me.

Vaibhav : Not to mention Sameer. We are friends. Anyways what’s new and who washed the drawing from the wall.

Sameer : I didn’t see him last night. Today’s morning when I was doing gardening at my lawn he came and apologized. He was disheveled. He told me about the incident of last day. When he was searching for me yesterday; my dog started to bark upon him and when he moved it attacked him. He ran away from there but the dog chased him to the cemetery. Having no other option he threw an axe upon him and the dog got killed. He has sent his apologies for you as well. Today’s morning he brought me here by himself and washed the drawing.

Vaibhav : Don’t talk nonsense, Sameer if he is telling a truth why on earth he drew a picture upon the wall. Now as he knows that we are behind him he is telling a lie.

Sameer : Anyways, he asked me to tell you to come to society after the college ends. He has something to tell you. I am going now and will be waiting for you at the society’s gate.

Vaibhav : Let’s see what he has to tell. I will meet you there in evening.

Vaibhav and Sameer are waiting for him at the cemetery. Suddenly he turns up from somewhere. A heavy built figure, dark as black and having no gestures at all upon his face as he has not taken a sleep for ages.

He sends his apologies to both by kneeling down at the ground. Now Vaibhav is much more amazed initially by his posture and later by the attitude of Sameer. Sameer brings the man back on his feet again. The man asks them to sit somewhere so he will tell something about him.

He told his story:

Once, this whole place was a Mansion of a British Officer. I was his laborer. I served him day and night as his personal assistant for years. When the mutiny broke in 1857 we guarded him in this compound itself. After mutiny when the things got normal, one day at night few intruders jumped into the compound when I was laying here at the church. They killed me inside the church and buried me here beneath the wall. Since then I have seen all this buildings being partitioned and turned into a college and a society. Initially when people didn’t notice me I used to get frustrated. But as it has been a long time since then I feel nothing. One day when I was walking on the road outside a speedy vehicle came fast toward me; the vehicle passed through me and had an accident. It was the accident of Sameer’s father and mother. Since then I assume Sameer as a responsibility. I don’t know how Sameer is capable of seeing me but last evening I noticed that you can see me as well that’s why I called you to tell my story.

Vaibhav is in shock to know if it is possible or not. He doesn’t even know whether the man is telling a story to make him afraid or just saying a plain lie. Since then Vaibhav notices the man sitting on a tree’s trunk watching them play. And infrequently grunts upon someone when Sameer gets hurt. Vaibhav never confide it to his friends.

After years during renovation of the college when laborers dug the wall, they find a skeleton of a buried man there.

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