A beautiful death…

A Beautiful

He is still thinking about her… he misses her gentle smile the most. Now his alarm clock is ringing and reminding to leave his bed, although he has not slept the whole night. He forced himself to leave the bed so that he can reach the funeral.

Traffic jam stuck on the way… His driver had his eyes fixed on the red light. Driver’s face looked serene and clam, contrary to his thundering heart and sleepless soul. Seemed like he had noticed his driver’s face for the first time on that very day although the driver has been working for him for long two years. But he remembered every single conversation with the girl whom he had met only a year ago. Her smile was like a shower in a hot summer, refreshing and lightening.

His memories went back to his first day in office, when he met her. She introduced him to the project group he was taking charge of. So technically, he was the boss and she was his subordinate. They spent day and night together, working on the project. She clearly wanted the project to be a success as she wanted to grow in her career. He too wished to give wings to her hope. They spent a year together, working. They came close like the moon and star, who are seen closer than they are but might have never ever met.

She told him one night that she had lost her lover over a more successful and good-looking woman. Her lover said that although he would remain her lover, but he needed to explore the possibilities of life. So, he broke their eight-year-old relationship for something which she never understood neither she wanted to. She was in love with her memories.

She moved on in life as she had her family to take care off. She was dating a guy she had recently met. She was so friendly and lively that no one could tell that she dwelt in her past and was just pretending to live the present. We all do this sometimes to hold on to something and miss the beautiful present.

She laughed a lot. Laugh made her fresh and elegant. He was tempted to go and hold her hands, so as to keep her smile with him for rest of his life. But he also saw her broken love, her betrayal which she was not going to forget. She was living in the memories of the day which were gone forever.

They had a party on the last day of the project. As he dropped her home, she requested him to come home which he accepted without a second thought. He entered her apartment and found a soul which was very aesthetic and happy, contrary to what her empty eyes conveyed. She bought tea for him. She said that she loves to make tea for friends.

Friends!!! He was happy to hear … He was her friend now. As the night proceeded, she was not the same happy soul. She turned back to the memories. He stated feeling suffocated with that… He requested her to allow him to go. She rose from her seat and took him to the door. She rose on her toes and reached to his forehead. She gently kissed him and slightly entangled her hands around his neck. Then she said, “I know your feelings.” She wished me lots of good days.

Very quickly, I forgot the story and moved on in life. But just yesterday I heard that she hanged herself in the apartment where she was living with her husband. Her husband found her body when he returned back from office.

Now he was going to attend her funeral where he will meet her husband. Her husband might not have seen her broke soul. He only wanted her to forget the past. But she was living the past. So she forgot to live.

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