Aghoris – II

Next morning when she opens her eyes she finds herself in her bed again. Not a single mark of what happened to her last night. She checks it again and again to the mirror but now she is Shalini again- the normal one. How could it be possible? She still remembers the faces of those Aghoris; the Tantrik Siddhi, her unconscious dancing, her pale look. All are gone. She goes to the room where she put his father’s ashes last night it is still there. Nothing has changed since she came home after his cremation. She instantly goes out and takes a Rikshaw and reaches to the point where she remembers she was present last night at the sands but to her surprise nothing is present there as well- not a single mark of last night. She returns back to her home and sits on the armchair thinking about her dream.

Shalini spends her whole day at hospital with patients. At last in night when she returns back to her home she feels a mixed feeling of loneliness and fear. The memories of her father make her weep again thinking how he used to cook and wait for her at nights. She remembers how her father was sitting there at the armchair when she returned back from his cremation as if he wanted to tell her something. She tries to forget all that and takes her food. She even goes to her bed early in possibility of some sleep. When she is half asleep she notices that she has been taken again to sand at the Ganges and the same episode of last night is happening again. When she opens her eyes at next morning she is still on her bed. Again there is nothing unusual when she searches at her home or at the sand.

This happens continuously to her for 12 days since her father died and when she wakes up early at the 13th day she finds she is laying at sand of the Ganges. She even finds the Aghoris are still there. Now she visualizes that nightmares which she was seeing for past 12 days are real. Nearby she notices the pot in which her father ashes were at home is laying there empty. She stands and sees the Aghoris are encircling something which was more like a reflection or a smoke form of a human body. They were chanting some mantras in a hush tone and trying to make the smoke to go inside a human skull. The smoke tries to come toward Shalini when she tries to go near to Aghoris and instantly she remembers her father sitting on the armchair after his cremations. Soon the smoke goes inside the skull and the Aghoris leave from there.

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