Alarm Clock…!

Alarm Clock CelebrateLife

Bib… Bib… Bib… Bib… Bib…

6 o’ clock. Why do we need to wake up so early to revise the same syllabus which we have already mugged up more than thrice this year? Even if our pen vomits each and every word exactly as professor taught us, will we score a 100%. Why do we need to give our 100% to score 50%?

Mummy: Uth gayi Beta? Chai Bana Dun?

Niks: Haan aur kuch nashta bhi. I will leave at 8 am. Exams will start from 9 am.

Mummy: 8 am? bas 15minute ka to rasta hai. Kya chal k jane wali ho, jo ek ghanta lagega tumhe.

Niks: Nah… I don’t want to get nervous before exams. I am not going to touch any book anymore. I just don’t understand what people can learn in last minutes which they have failed to learn in last six months.

Mummy: Beta everyone is not like you. They had more important things to do in last six months than discussing all silly sections of law book with their mother, even if their mother don’t even know what the section is all about.

Niks: If they want to become lawyers, they should know why a law was made. Knowing less than that will mean a failed exam. If they have more interesting topics to discuss, why did they opt for a future in those areas?

Mummy: Life is more than law exams and a certain future dear.

Your tea and breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes. After that you may leave any time to disturb your friends in their last-minute studies.

Niks: Well, I don’t disturb them. I help them by asking them not to waste their last minutes on what is not going to be asked in exams.

Mummy: Your arguments prove that your choice of career is correct.


4 Years later…

Wake up in the morning……….

Wake up in the morning……….

Wake up in the morning……….

9 am

Oh God! I am late again. I should stop watching these late-night movies. One day my boss will throw me out because I am always late. I have to be in court at 10 am. Fir aaj iska sada omelet hi khana padega.Alarm Clock busy at office CelebrateLife

Tring Tring Tring Tring …

Niks: Hello bhaiya. Ek chai aur ek bread omelet upar pahucha dijiyega.

Niks get ready and reached court. Soon after the case, she was in her office with the case files in front of her computer. But today she was lost in memories. Memories which were glorious. She was confident and clear about her future. She had reached where she wanted to be. But what next?

Saurabh: Hello Madam. Will you eat something today or do you want to go to Gupta’s empty stomach? You know he is a perfect lalaji. He is not going to ask you for lunch. If you are planning a lunch date with me today …


Niks: Oh, Saurabh … nice joke ji … I have not finished morning’s case file yet. I don’t want to go for any meeting too. But who ever asked for my wishes here. Let’s go.

10.30 pm

Niks: Finally, the day is over. Why the hell did I leave my sweet peaceful hometown for this job? I was so happy there. Is money really that powerful? Wouldn’t have I earned a living in my hometown?

Sare jahan se achha …Sare jahan se achha… I need to change this caller tune. It was a call from her boss.

Niks: Hello

Boss: Hi Nilkamal, how was the meeting with Mr. Gupta? Saurabh called me. But I want a brief from you too.

Niks: It was good sir. He wants no further litigation. Out of court settlement is what he is looking for. We have to talk to Mrs. Gupta. He is ready for a compensation up to Rs. 10 Lac.

Boss: Ok. We will talk in detail tomorrow then. Good Night.

Niks: Good Night Sir.

(Oh God, please send me strength to deal with this nonsense. What Saurabh would have told him … Hope same stuff.)

Sare jahan se achha … Sare jahan se achha…

Sare jahan se achha … Sare jahan se achha…

Her phone rang again. It was a call from her friend Anupama.

Niks: Hello

Anupama: Hi! You heard about Abhishek?

Niks: Who is Abhishek?

Anupama: How can you forget him? Do u remember anything other than your law exam’s marks, for any sake.

Niks: See Anu, I am so tired from my job, my living habits, I am not in mood for any lectures for now. So, will you please tell me who was or is this guy Abhishek? What about him? I am hungry and need to cook now. Please be quick.

Anupama: Ha ha ha. Ok. He was the topper of our class. The guy whom you wanted to cut into pieces because you were never able to make him understand that marks doesn’t matter but the matter does.

Niks: Arey haan wo pagal. So, what he is up to with all his marks… that you bothered to call me?

Anupama: Well he had achieved the same as you. The only difference is, he is not as lucky as you are …

Niks: Lucky and me? Ohh God, give my job to Anupama and give me all her peace and happiness.

Anupama: Ha ha ha. Leave it. I called you because he needs our help. Today I met his mother. He is hospitalized and suffering from blood cancer. I want you to go and meet him in hospital as he is there in Delhi. Please hand him over some stuff I have been able to contribute for him and his family. You are in touch with others from our batch in Delhi. So, it will be good if you may check if anyone is willing to donate blood for him or help otherwise.

Alarm Clock hospital prescription CelebrateLife



Niks: Are you serious? How can he have blood cancer? Where is he admitted? I will try to go this Sunday.

Anupama: Sunday? Can’t you arrange to go tomorrow? I have already transferred money in your account. I am also trying to come.

Niks: Ok, I will go tomorrow. Tell me the name of the hospital.

After the call Niks didn’t feel like eating anything. Her appetite was gone.

Abhishek. Yes. He was out of the crowd. At times she would yell at him, only out of jealousy. she always knew he will do something better than her. What will he do now? What his parents will do now? What if something similar happened to me? Will all this money, I am dying daily for, help me get out of such sickness? What will my mother do then?

This entire dilemma couldn’t let her sleep whole night. Next morning, she wrote a leave application to her boss and switched off her mobile. Straight away, she went to the hospital and asked for Abhishek. But there was no one with such a name admitted. She called up Anupama. But her cell was not reachable. She thought of all the similar sounding names of the hospitals in the city and searched everywhere. But no such patient with same name and matching disease was admitted anywhere. Anupama’s cell was switched off the entire day. Finally, at 5 pm Niks decided to returned to her flat.

There was a poster on her door with a quotation:

“There should be MENTAL, PHYSICAL and FINANCIAL balance in life to live a LONG and PEACEFUL life.”

What is this? Who did this? And what was this security guard doing when people are pasting such posters in the building?

She opened the door and there was an envelope. An envelope from Anupama and Abhishek.

Hi Nilkamal (Niks),

We are very sorry to bother you in this way. we know that if we would have been there you must have thrashed us for doing this to you. It’s your Birthday honey, which you forgot because of our created worries.


We thought a lot about how to surprise you on your 30th birthday. After all, you have all the money now to buy any brand you wish to use. But we realize you are missing small joys of life. So, we decided to gift you an advice which may help you to plan your life ahead. Success is not the only thing we need. We need emotional and physical balance in life to survive and to be happy. Stop ignoring your health and ‘Mr. Saurabh’.

We (Anupama, Abhishek, Saurabh and your mother) will be waiting for your birthday party at 8pm in PindBaluchi, C.P.

And yes. Abhishek is all well and already planning a new prank for your next birthday. Please return the money Anupama has transferred to your account.

Once a friend always a friend!

Abhishek and Anupama


Niks closed the letter and tears rolled down her eyes. She was so thankful that “All is well!”




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