Bonhomie of balky bachelor


Editor: Let’s talk.

Editor’s pitch reflecting his anger within.

David: I have nothing to talk. Whatever I did, was done in total sanity. The report about the murder is true. I have proof of facts in my article, published in our news paper.

Editor: Do you understand of the consequences of your action? The politician in your story is a friend of mine. That’s why you are alive today. Otherwise your family would have found you lying in a gutter,. dead.

David: I don’t bother about my life when I am working on a real article. Everything is crystal clear. The politician killed the person in a crowded street, with an unlicensed gun and handed over the gun to one of his chaps to sort out the dead body.

Editor: Shut your eloquent mouth up. I know you since you joined our organization. You have your own ways of dealing with people who have hurt you in any way. So, don’t paste this story of yours, on my bulky mouth, to publish in our newspaper.

David: Why do you want to save the culprit? Just because he is your friend, you are not accepting the reality. Why don’t you ask the informer who has also given the same information, which I saw there at the crime scene? He told me it’s an open case where the gun was handed over by the politician, your childhood friend Ryan, to one of his chaps. Now the chap is ready to accept the crime and enjoy the trail. The main culprit will remain silent till the end of this case and will enjoy his life smoothly.

Editor: Shut your stupid mouth. It’s clear you want to settle score with Ryan. In my 40 years of journalism career, nobody had questioned my integrity. I have never acquitted a single criminal, even if law has acquitted him. I have always published our newspaper with right reports, on merit and not feeling sorry for people who have committed crime. So don’t replay your fake story again and again.

David: Since you are not listening to me, but have a blind trust on your childhood friend, why don’t you just fire me. Someone else will publish the story. I am ready to leave the organization if you won’t let me publish the story. I am getting threat calls from all over the city, to close this story. I thought; you would be reasonable and let me publish it. But now I see you have already made your mind. I wish to no longer engage myself in this case.

Editor: I am not saying that you can’t publish this report in our newspaper. All I’m saying that you please forgive him for what he did to you. If  you want to settle your score with him, do something else. He has little kids to look after and a public reputation to care about. Why do you want to hurt him, when he is already so vulnerable. For god’s sake, he is my friend David. You were really found of him earlier. But after that party last year where he abused you openly, you always look to settle your score with him. For god’s sake, don’t make him a criminal when he was just standing there when one of his chaps killed someone.

… … …

Next morning the newspapers were filled with stories of a politician killing a common man in open street. Stories also revealed that Ryan had a personal hatred with the person. One of the reports was as such:-


Thursday 25, March 2011

The killing of an individual on Down Street has much more than what it looks like. The family members of the dead are calling on someone else’s name and the police is reporting something else. The custody of the criminal who has accepted the crime is nowhere in sight. Judiciary will be out on trails for years. Nobody is bothered about the family whose member was killed openly in the street. The police is neither willing to work on the leads of family members, nor are they willing to include the name of politician, who is the main culprit, according to sources. As per multiple confirmations, the politician became furious and both people had a fight.  The politician shot him openly in the heat of the moment. He handed over the gun to one of his chaps, whom the police is claiming to be the main criminal.

– David Fernando  

The same evening David was found dead in a gutter on Parkinson Road.

Next morning, a new report was filed with police. One person was found dead. Investigations suggested he was David. Fingerprint details concluded that Ryan’s fingerprints were are all over David’s body. So preliminary investigation concluded that Ryan had killed David.

Now Ryan is in custody. A letter was found in David’s clothes addressed to his editor. Letter says that David was getting threat calls from Ryan. So he was planning to leave the city. Chances are, Ryan will get death sentence.

Next morning, editor was lecturing someone else in his office.

Running a newspaper is not an easy task. I personally select what gets printed. No one can tell me what to do. When circumstances demand, you need to kill two birds with one stone. Even if they were your best friend and best employees once.

… … …

Sometimes unknowingly, we mess with people who once were our best friend.

– Ryan


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