Born an Artist!


What did you do for your family when you were four year old?

What would you do when your parents could not afford your education as a child?

Forget what you did, because you might not have never been in such situation at all. Most likely, you were pampered and had all your demands fulfilled.

Not all are born to work! And excel! For few, its a luxury they don’t have.

She was “Born an Artist ”.  She was born in the family of theater artists, second daughter of the family. Her parents were disappointed to have a daughter in place of a son. They couldn’t even pay the hospital fee. So her  father decided to leave her in orphanage. but fate had its own play! Father couldn’t leave her in orphanage. He went back to orphanage and took her home.

At the age of four, she did her first movie and became the bread earner of the family. After that she never looked back. You can call her a born actress, as few are born rich. Education was something she always craved for. But due to work, she could never complete her schooling. She continued to teach herself. It was usual to see her reading on sets of movies, earning her the nickname “Reading Mahjabeen”.

Meena - Born an Artist!
Meena Kumari- The tragedy queen

She was not only an actress but also a poet. After her divorce with Kamal Amrohi, she wrote for him

Talaak to de rahe ho Nazar-e-kahar ke saath,

Jawani bhi mere lauta do Mehar ke saath”.

Rumor is, her husband could not bear to have a wife more successful than him, which led to their divorce. But their love not die, only relationship did. As her token of love for her husband, she acted in movie Pakeezah which was directed by her husband. Three weeks after the release of the movie, she died due to liver cirrhosis.

Having acted in historical movies like “Pakeezah”, “Saheb Biwi Aur Ghulam”, “Parineeta”, “Baiju Bawra” etc., she is called the “Tragedy Queen” of Indian cinema.  Meena Kumari died at the young age of 38, leaving behind a legacy of ages.  Her tombstone reads “She ended life with a broken fiddle, with a broken song, with a broken heart, but not a single regret


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