Destiny Drenched Me in Love!

destiny drenched me in love _

Katyayani was so drenched in this unexpected rain. She had to return home. Now, sitting on her dining table she was staring the clock and shifting her eyes towards the window’s panel. In hope of rain to stop. Her phone was continuously ringing, flashing the name Ravi to sustain her hope to go outside again. Finally, she pick the call “ ‘I’m coming within an hour.’”

She drapped herself in a more beautiful sari, brought to her years ago by her husband. Probably, it was last few gifts from him to her. The signs of  exhausting relationship of their’s!

She is again on the road. It’s still raining but this time she found herself very comfortable. She knew that she is going to get wet again but this time she was feeling like heroin of Indian cinema.

After an hour, an never ending hour of thoughts crossing her mind, she was finally in the restaurant. Ravi was at the door. She was shivering not because of rain but to see her ex-boyfriend after almost college time. Ravi was  looking happy to see her after so long.

They took the corner seat in the restaurant, same like their college days. Within few minutes they stared talking like they were in those days of endless love and promises. Katyayani was so relaxed and happy. It has been many sleepless nights she had been through after her husband divorced her with fixed the monthly allowance and a rented flat.  How one day she shared her heart with Ravi, on a social networking site. While chatting she came to know that Ravi has also lost his wife in an accident.

Long chats converted in short phone calls and texts. Finally, one day Ravi asked her to meet him. So, she was here spending this beautiful evening with him. She was living as a divorcee for two years. In these years she has found that the relationship of hers was even dead years ago though she was still married.

As the rain stopped and the sky was little clear, Ravi dropped her back to her home. He waited for her to come in the window so he can see her again and wave at her.

Being left all alone, she started wondering in the memory’s lane, from her husband to Ravi. She noticed something new in her or something so old like the young katyayani. She was smiling effortlessly. Since, her return she was looking in the mirror now and then again. After years she noticed her deep beautiful eyes and her childlike smile , once again.

Next morning, Ravi called her up again and asked her that was there any chance her to be in his life again as a wife? Her heart was not thumping , she has gone breathless. She was prepared to be asked. She said,’ I m happy I’m divorced so can live with u, Ravi.’

Now she was so full of herself.  Her parents bring her a husband but destiny brought her love back.’ thank you God… she said to God and texted Ravi a big emoji of heart, she is sending this after ages!”

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