Education or Knowledge – What is more important?


Ram: I don’t want to go to school

Dad: Why Ram? How will you learn things then?

Ram: At my own

Dad: How at your own without going to school?

Ram: Travelling around the world and learning from civilizations.

We all judge the kids based upon the grades they get in school and we agree or disagree, but the truth is all of us are doing this. What if your kid is not at all interested in being part of this education system? End of hopes? What if I say that’s not end of hopes but that is the beginning of hope. Your kid is an extra-ordinary kid and he/she will register his/her name in history in golden letters. I know you disagree with me and here the story of a person whom we all know, we admire and some of us even worship him for his literature.

We all know him, sing his poetry and have read him by the virtue of being Indian but many of us don’t know that he was a rebellion for typical social rules. When he was young and sent to school soon he decided that the method of teaching is inappropriate, decided not to spoil his intelligence with main stream education. He started learning by travelling around and from his elder brother in the manners of life. When he was young his father admitted him to law college in the dreams of making his son a barrister but he returned to India as a college drop out.

But this was not end of hope rather beginning of it. After returning to India he became active in writing poetry, prose and plays and also getting them published. His writing style reflects contextual modernism. He wrote Geetanjali, Gora, Amar Shonar Bangla. He is our Rabindra Nath Tagore or I must say Rabindra Da. Who wrote Jan Gan Man which was adopted as the National Anthem of India and also Amar Shonar Bangla the National Anthem of Bangladesh. Not only two national anthems but we also know him for Shantiniketan. Shantiniketan is know for its non-traditional ways of teaching and the respect and fame its students receive in society as Artist.

So, next time when your kids tell you they don’t want to go to school, ask them what they want to do and see if they actually know what they want to do, may be your kid is going to become next Tagore or Alba Edison.


– Nikita

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