What next? Sajan was thinking while returning from the office in the charted bus, as he had lost his present job. Bus was running slowly, picking passengers from many stoppages, engulfing office employees like him. After getting down at his stop, he bought essentials for his home. He had been following the same routine since he had joined this office a year ago. He bought all the things required for a day or two.

On his way home, he again peeped into that particular shop which had a very convenient walking stick for old people. It was for rupees 3999. He was determined to buy this for his grand-mom, using all his savings and borrowing rest from his good friend Ravi. But today he resigned from his job as they refused to give him permanent position. He walked very slow as he didn’t want to reach home without the stick. Tomorrow is his grand-mom’s birthday. He had promised himself to give her something which would allow her walk easily even when he would not be around. He had saved rupees 2000. Ravi offered him rest. But how would he return the loan back as he wouldn’t have a job from tomorrow. He refused to take money from Ravi.

He reached home with a heavy heart. He handed over the shopping bags and straight away headed to his room and fell on the bed. As usual his grand-mom came with a cup of tea and sat beside him. She asked him about his office, job, and what he wanted to eat for dinner. He said he had taken his food. He accompanied her in kitchen. They made delicious halwa for her and talked as she ate. Now grand-mom switched on the TV and they watched soap opera together. In between she was sharing something or others with him. Sajan got a call from Ravi so he left the room.

Sajan: ‘Yes Ravi. Have you too reached home?’
Ravi: ‘Few hours ago. I heard about your job. Don’t worry. You will get one soon. That’s why you said no for the money. Haan?’
Sajan: ‘Yaar. You know how I am. Don’t force me to take it. Anyway, join us tomorrow for the birthday.’

He cut the phone as he wanted to apply for jobs. It was not that he was hopeless but he cursed the timing.

Sajan lived with his grand-mom after he lost his parents in an accident. It was his grand-mom who had very lovingly raised him. He was now 23. At this tender age, he devoted a lot of his time to grand-mom. Not to repay what she had been doing for him but this is how he had became – very sensitive young fellow who cared for his near and dear ones very much.

Sajan went to the terrace and started applying for jobs. When he reached back to his room he saw his grand-mom had prepared his favourite dishes and put them in his room. He was so hungry he finished all without blinking. He we looking for his grandmom but found her sleeping. He too went back to his bed. Tiredness took over sadness and he soon felt asleep.

Next day, he left home at his usual time but in search of a new job. He was walking randomly through business district when he got his first call from a recruitment consultant. Without asking for any details, he said yes and reached consultant’s office on time. By evening, he had an offer from a reputed organization to join as a management trainee. It was a decent remuneration and he was asked to join within a week.

It was hard to believe that same day tomorrow he had no job. Today he had wings in his sails. He remembered his friends saying he was a lucky child to be living with his grand-mom. Now he accepted that all of us are lucky in some way… he lost his parents but grew in lap of his loving grand-mom, how he lost some friends but made some new ones including Ravi and lost a job but got a better one soon.

On way back home, he called Ravi and requested him to meet at the shop. The shopkeeper packed the stick nicely. Ravi and Sajan bought some sweets and got some food packed for home. Both friends reached Sajan’s home, touched grand-mom’s feet and wished her birthday.

Sajan assembled the stick and asked grand-mom to use the newly brought gift. Grand-mom held the stick with a big smile and said in her usual dialogue, ‘What is the need of this costly stick. I have the one which your grand-dad has left. You might have brought a new pair of shoes. Yesterday I saw the holes in your shoes.’
Both friends laughed. All three of them hugged one another.

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