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Once someone told me it’s better to do your work peacefully rather trying to get credit of it. You lose your concentration by trying to show others how good you are at working. This one piece of advice has helped me so much that I had it painted as a poster in my room.

The individual is no more in mortal form on this earth, but his words remain. I would like to share his legacy. I hope God gave him a chance to shape many more youngsters.

Mr. Gupta had a laundry shop where he used to spend all the time without taking a single break. He had two more brothers – one was an engineer, working outside the city, other was not highly educated and was jobless with five kids. He used to work for Mr. Gupta.

Mr. Gupta had three kids – one boy and two girls. His son died at a young age of 22, stuck by an unknown disease. After that incident, Mr. Gupta became more focused on his work. This assumption might be wrong as he was always quality focused. He used to say that death of his young boy was an incident, he had no control over.

I always found him focused on quality. Clothes coming out of his laundry were always spotless, ironed with no wrinkles and on time. Even after 30 years, he focused on these three aspects only. He had no big dreams, he wanted to do small things, first time right.

Mr. Gupta searched good grooms for his two daughters. He treated his son-in-laws as his sons. For them, it was a love-cum-arranged marriage.

Time gone by, never comes back. Something made him old and broken from inside but he looked as healthy as an individual of mid age from outside.

One day while returning from college, I got to know that Mr. Gupta has passed away and was being cremated. I was sad I couldn’t see him for the last time. But I know he would have taken it lightly and celebrated my life. He would have said this is something he has no control whatsoever. So, you should remember his good deeds or take it in neutral stance.

His strenuous way of living and neutral character inspires me till date to more work and speak less. That’s his legacy that he passed on to many individuals.


– Siddharth


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