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Legend’s Family


Certainly it’s true that legends are born once in a while but nobody knows about their family members. Have you ever thought about from this perspective that the legends have a family too? Few members of the family gets recognition just to collect awards on behalf of the legends and in few special cases other member of the family gets recognized because of his own persona but the individuals who follow suits of legends are very limited in numbers.

This is a story of a renowned writer’s family who once dominated the Hindi writing arena with his ageless Books, Stories and Poetries. Don’t mind after all, as I usually don’t disclose the true identity  of the individuals this time I will do the same as well but will hint enough to identify the individual whose family I am talking about.

The story revolves around the great grandson of the writer. He was my childhood friend and we used to study in the same school where I was upgraded to 6th standard on passing the 5th class examination and in which class he got failed to give us company. This was the great grandson of the famous writer. Our friendship was so unique as he used to motivate us to play all the time and we used to tell him you should read as well. The conflicts were always sorted out by one of our friends to choose between playing and study.

In days of school he used to bunk a lot to sit on his shop which was his family business. So to meet him and play; we used to go at his house in evening hours or sometimes in afternoon as well after bunking the classes. We discovered her sister was well educated so made a plan to take tuition from her after completing our game secession. By this way we satisfied all the families concerned; specially his own as now they were satisfied to have few great students of their child’s school to study at home.

Somehow he passed the 6th and 7th standard and got failed in the 8th standard again as the Pre-board was introduced first time in UP board examination at that time. Don’t know how he got readmission in the mid terms of the 9th standard just to be with us. I think he had no inclination toward education and was pretty much sure to establish his business.

But destiny had written something else for him; in a family conflict the shop he used to manage very well was closed down.

Our friendship is still with him and we chat mostly about a new business he is going to start but fairly saying his financial condition is not well as it used to be.

Rest of the story on some other day….

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