My Legacy


Shayam was singing a traditional marriage song in his reveries loudly at his top beneath the open sky under the stars and moon when his eldest son came to him and announced in a harsh tone, “the food is ready, father”. Shayam ignored him and continued singing till he heard his son was complaining to his mother about him.

‘He is again drunk and smoking marijuana why don’t you tell him to stop all this. If he will get sick we all will have to look after him.’

Shayam has a two small room house with a temporary made up kitchen to cook and eat. He is an artist who paints traditional motifs on wooden handicrafts. His forefathers did the same as hobby and he got his profession as a legacy. But now people don’t buy these items in number so he doesn’t get enough work. He is a father of two sons and a daughter. Eldest son works in a private hospital as a compounder, the younger one works in a weaving factory. His daughter stitches clothes. His wife helps in his work. Still the income of the family is not sufficient to have a healthy life style.

Shyam used to be the landlord during his forefather days. He had all the amenities of the time in abundance. His grandfather had four sons and a daughter; they all divided their property and lands after the death of his grandfather. His grandfather was a worthy man who gave his daughter a piece of land to live as well when his husband left him alone.

Shayam’s father had four sons and a daughter as well. His father died at an early age and his mother looked after the family. When his father died they were left poor as the other brothers of his father captured all the property except their house where they lived.

At young age Shayam and his brothers started to work to meet the demand of the family. As Shayam was the eldest one among his brothers and sister; he was the first one who started working. He was married and had three children at an early age. Shayam and his mother managed well the family and soon his brothers and sister got married. His mother looked after the arrangement by selling her ornaments for his daughter’s marriage to a modest family but soon she was left alone to her mother’s house. Shayam’s mother initiated and got her daughter married again but this time he spent all his belongings in a big way.

Soon after the death of Shayam’s mother the brothers divided the land where they lived. Now Shayam has a small piece of land which he got from his forefathers as a token of old days when he was rich. As the income of the Shayam’s family was not modest his children could not study for long and as he started working early his children did the same.

Soon he was awaked from his reveries by his daughter’s voice who he loves most.

“Father the mother is waiting for you as you know she will not eat without you. Ballu and Ananad have taken their food and Ballu has slept now and Ananad has gone to his work. It is 11:30 now and it’s getting late as in morning mother will have to wake up early to prepare the food again when Ballu will go to his work.”

Shayam called his daughter nearer and asked her either you have taken your food or not. She replied in her modest voice, “Why are you asking it since you know I don’t eat till you and mother finishes your food.” Shayam hugged his daughter affectionately. Shayam is searching a good match for his daughter but the dowry they demand; he is not capable of giving them. Now as she is getting old he always thinks either he will be able to marry her or not. He knows that his sons won’t help him; both as initially don’t earn much and the savings they do out of it they are planning to have their own future.

Shayam didn’t say anything further and stops his singing. He goes down along his daughter and eats silently. His wife was telling again to him about the scarcity of items they need tomorrow for daily uses. She started to discuss about their sons but today Shayam was in no mood to take all this pain anymore. He silently finished his food and went outside for a walk. When he returned back at 2 o’clock at night, he had a twinkle in his eyes. He knocked at the door repeatedly; his wife came and opened the door. He took his wife upstairs and told her that he has found a good match for their daughter. They are not demanding much and the bridegroom is mature as well to look after their daughter in a good manner. His wife started to weep lightly as she knew the marriage of her daughter is the only thing which made the relation of her husband and her sons worse.

She said politely to her husband where you found the match at this hour of the night. If possible we can discuss it tomorrow as you have not taken enough sleep for past one month. You are continuously searching for a match for our daughter. Now as you spoke I will suggest you to not to bother yourself much as god will do the mercy and will surely find a suitable match for our daughter.

But today Shayam was in a different world where everything was possible for him. He took a photo of the match out of his pocket and told to his wife to have a look. Now his wife was stunned; she took the photo in her hand and speechlessly stared it for a while. Shayam was feeling delighted after a long time since he was with his grandfather. His wife was smiling in front of him after a long time. Both were happy today as their daughter will get married soon.



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