My Legacy

Ramnaresh died thrice

Ramnaresh died

It’s a legacy of a man who died three times and is still alive.

Ramnaresh- This time I won’t be able to survive and celebrate life. I am surely going to die.

His wife( who is an erudite woman sees his condition and console him with the solacing words) – Your health is deteriorating day by day you should consult a good doctor. May be the medicines you are taking are not effective and are not able to save your life.

Ramnaresh- What a doctor can do when your time has come to leave his earth? Nobody can do anything. Only god can help me out of this dire situation.

Wife- Initially you should consult a good doctor then go to temple and ask the god to help you out from this situation. You are only in your 30s and body generally recover rapidly if it’s given right medicine. See, it may work in same manner as it worked with your sleeping issues. Initially you use to have sleepless nights but with proper medical treatment now you sleep very well.

Ramnaresh- I think you are right. Today I will consult a good doctor. Then will surely go to temple as well. God must help me come out of this sickness. May the God shower his mercy on me to make me see a better and healthy life beyond my 30s.

That day, Ramnaresh consulted a doctor and went to temple to pray for his good health. The doctor suggested few other medicines of different nature and consoled him that he doesn’t have any problem at all. The doctor said “You will recover soon if you believe on my medicines. Now go and pray to god to get well soon.”

This was the first episode and as was predicted by his wife and confirmed by the doctor after few days Ramnaresh got well and started to live a healthy life.


Second time he died in a new fashion…


Ramnaresh got a foot injury. The injury couldn’t be cured immediately. The swelling and pain in his bones lasted longer than what he had anticipated. He thought that he is going to die soon and nobody can help him out of this situation.

Ramnaresh (to his wife) – I am going to die, for sure this time. My immunity power is so weak that my foot injury is not getting well, still after a month of absolute care. If any other disease happens to me at this time my immunity will not help me out and I will die with many diseases.

The Erudite Wife- I know sometimes it happens to many people. One of my aunts died of this disease within a year’s time. But you have to be brave to face odds. You have always been brave in life. Massage it regularly with balm and see what happens. I will always be with you for any help at the hours of need. Don’t worry of your health a bit just pray to god.

This time also he got well in two months and hadn’t died.


The third time was worse than ever before…

He was healthy but from inside he had a feeling that he will die with some unknown illness.

Ramnaresh- I want to make a will to give all my property to you and some to charity. I am sure that I will die in a month. Please ask any lawyer to make my will.

The Erudite Wife– I will call a lawyer tomorrow only. I don’t want to live my whole life as a beggar on in penury.

Ramnaresh thought for the whole day that how heartless his wife has become of his continuous illness. This time he won’t die at all and will prove to her that he is a fighter.

He got well soon, this time recovering from his inner traumas.

The legacy of the Ramnaresh is if he had overcome his health issues, stress and loneliness in the first time he won’t have to defeat death three times in his life.


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