RIP Lisa CelebrateLife

No, Lisa has not died. She is only “Resting in Peace” now-a-days. Lisa is not a “WOMAN” she is an “IDEA”. An IDEA, that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  

Moral of the Story: Lisa can change your life!

Lisa Rai/Miss Idea: With this contradictory name, she represents India. Lisa’s grandfather has given her this name. He cherishes the development that British governance gave to India. This name ‘Lisa’ is his tribute to them. Rai is surname, which can’t be altered. Even in British India, the Indian culture couldn’t be touched/altered/murdered.

Lisa never let her name die. She graduated from a convent school, listens to rock music and reads Rumi. But she has a soft corner for Ghalib. Let’s focus on why Lisa is an Idea and not a Woman?

Sumit, Lisa’s best friend, was having difficulty understanding trigonometry. Lisa advised he should go and ask his lecturer to have an extra lecture on the topic. Like him there might be many students having difficulty on the subject. Sumit liked the idea and talked to lecturer. Lecturer agreed. But on the lecture date, he taught some other topic. So under Lisa’s leadership, Sumit and five other students walked out of the Class. All of them were thrown out from the college for that semester.

Lisa took the moral responsibility of teaching them. While taking classes, Lisa realized that Sumit’s problem is not trigonometry, but studies. Sumit doesn’t like to study but to play cricket.  So, trigonometry classes soon changed to cricket watching sessions. Lisa says we shall not do what our parents think is right for us. Being REALISTS, we shall do what we CAN do! At present, Sumit has became a shopkeeper. He followed (because of the IDEA) “he shall do what he can do”. His father decided, he shall also do only what he CAN do, not what he SHALL do. He CAN pay only little pocket money to his son. Hi son shall himself earn his college fee.

Watch Cricket-RIP Lisa-CelebrateLife

Sumit is not the only one whose life has been changed by Lisa. During her hostel days, Lisa gave an IDEA to the Chai wala bhaiya, “Bhaiya aap Maggie aur omlet bhi kyun nahi rakhte ho? Sab ladkiya hostel ke bahar kuch na kuch to khati hi hain. Chai ke saath nashta bhi mil jaayega to bahar kaun jaayega boliye”. The tea stall owner soon became a mini restaurant owner. IDEAs sometimes work too.

Some of her other life changing IDEAs and their results were as follows:

  1. IDEA: Mini and laycra are not banned in college so boys shall also be allowed to come in shorts and pajamas.

Change: Mini and related dress got BANNED in college, dress code got pasted on notice board.

  1. IDEA: Why only guys propose to girls? Girl should propose too.

Change: Lisa’s best friend proposed to her crush: brother’s best friend. Now she is happily married to a middle aged man.

  1. IDEA: Why bride should relocate after marriage to in laws house?

Change: Lisa’s sister in law is living in her maternal home since last two years. Her in-laws, including her husband, have failed to convince her to come and live with them.

  1. IDEA: Saving is a myth. We should earn more if our earnings fail to support our life style.

Change: Lisa’s father still sends pocket money to Lisa from his savings.

  1. IDEA: There is nothing right in right and nothing wrong in wrong.

Change: Lisa’s sister is having live-in relationship.

And on and on and on … Her idea keeps changing people’s life. But she has never stopped putting her ideas into words, encouraging others to adopt them. But from last one year she is “Resting In Peace”.

Morning walk-RIP Lisa- CelebrateLife

One year back:

One morning Lisa was on street for her walk. She passed by the park, as she doesn’t like to walk in park. She felt like doing something new and walked in the park this morning. As soon as she walked into the park, there were crowd gathered in the corner of the park. Lisa avoided that and started doing rounds, but soon she heard some words from the crowd. She ran to the corner, a teen aged girl of has been raped and dumped to the corner of park. One by one people were being added to the crowd like they were going to a circus, they go there have a look show the pity, some show rage, some feel like crying others blame the girl for rape, why was she in park early morning or late night. But no one was calling the police. No one was taking her to hospital.

Lisa froze in her pla

ce. Then she ran to the police station. In police station, she found out that police already knew about the case. But the park was at the border of UP and Delhi, so they were deciding which police station shall register the case. Lisa went to the hospital. But hospital wanted police to register the case before they admit the victim.

Lisa, being a law graduate, told them that now they don’t need to register the case before admitting someone. To her surprise, hospital asked her if she was related to the victim or has she been raped?

Soon the girl died. There was a candle march and ‘RIP initiative’ on social media. Since then Lisa has put a status too on Facebook:

RIP Lisa and RIP Humanity




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