Reema was late by an hour for her interview in a multinational company. All because of the sudden rain in the city called Mumbai. After waiting for few minutes she was asked to enter the room. As she entered the room, she started shivering not only because of the temperature but also because of the interviewer. She had rejected Rahul’s marriage proposal after meeting him twice. The proposal had come through a matrimonial site. After the meeting she bluntly spoke her mind and told him that he was not the one with whom she would like to spend her life. Now she was wondering whether she should have sugar coated her words. That would have saved her from future embarrassments.

She was still lost in her thoughts and was shivering continuously. Rahul, the rejected guy and at this point of time her interviewer, called on reception and asked for coffee. Looking at her, he had already switched off the air-conditioner. Reema chose to occupy the sofa instead of settling in the chair. So, Rahul too left his chair and sat next to her.

He hurriedly took out her CV and turned the page to go through her personal details.

He read loudly, ‘marital status: single’. “So Miss Reema, still single, have you not met the one with whom you would like to spend your life. Han”

She was wondering how he did not miss any word which she had uttered that day. How deeply he would have been hurt. First she thought of leaving the room, but that was not who she is. She replied, “All because I haven’t got the one.”

Rahul: What actually you are looking for.

Reema: Someone I can happily live with.

Rahul: What happiness will he bring to you?

Reema: A person who will let me be myself and who will spirituality uplift me. This time she wanted to look very mature.

He was still not taking her seriously and asked, “Elaborate please”

Reema: Something magical between us, I can say.

He laughed. She felt offended and added , “May be I’m not putting the words exactly.”

Rahul’s phone rang and he shifted his attention to the caller. He replied ‘Yes darling, I am going to with you at exactly 4 p.m…. You are not going to miss even the promos…. Ya sure … Ok love you c u.. bye.’ and the phone got disconnected from other side.

Now it was her turn, “You got married?”

Rahul: No but will be soon if everything goes well.

Reema: What does that mean?

Rahul: I’m in a courtship with the one, who was on call.

Reema: Is this your concept of selecting the match?

Rahul: No. It’s something new for me as well. Probably, she wants to check compatibility as she already has a career as good as mine.

Reema laughed and Rahul joined her.

The clock stuck two. He stood up and asked if he could drop her anywhere.She smiled and said it would be a pleasure. Before leaving, Reema asked “Whether I have been selected or not?” Rahul smiled and replied “I never rejected you.”

A big smile flashed on her face. She was feeling something magical for the man who was politely opening the door for her.


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