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How do you perceive mysteries of science? What are your answers to the world of unknown?  Is it that what we don’t understand is black magic, superstition or lack of education? Most of us jump to judgmental conclusions and blubber out remedies to this illness in society.

What if I told you that it still works for a large part of the educated world. What would you say? Let me guess – ‘Sometimes when we feel dejected by the ire of life, we look for answers in God or mystery, to heel our wounds of myriad nature.’

I was discussing an incident of theft with my friends and came to know about ‘Sokha Baba of Anzan Pir’, residing in remote parts of Azamgarh district of UP India. Mysticism always enchanted me. So, my friend and I decided to travel 140 km on dusty roads of rural UP, India to better understand mysteries of unknown sciences.

The road leading to Baba was also a mystery. We asked for directions from locals. But they were not willing to share secrets of Baba with ‘outsiders’. Some of them requested us to go back, since we looked educated. Others helped by testing our believe in mysticism and sent us 60 km in wrong direction! In our zeal to knowledge, we were driving rash on dusty roads. But we were completely dejected by non-cooperation of locals and exhausted by the fatigue of the bumpy ride. So, we decided to use the marvel of modern technology – Google Map.

We stopped at 30 places before reaching the place of Baba. “Sokha Baba” was sitting on high platform, answering his believers. In between he used to say, “You have came here to know, not to tell. So, don’t tell me your questions. I will answer all your queries.”

Sokha Baba was chanting some mantras while he would pick few pieces from ‘akshats’ (rice), given as offerings by his devotees. He confirmed the questions of believers as well as answered them. We were watching from a distance. Our educated minds doubted all we saw, our hearts puzzled with this show of the unknown but our primitive nature made us believe what we saw and heard.

But we decided to wait for one more day. 2000 devotees had assembled that day… an average of 200 devotees per hours. He answered all the questions of unknowns with the help of one assistant.

Out of curiosity and blinded by his expertise, we submitted offered ‘akshat’ (rice) as well. He gave a deep glance at our forehead, which completely stirred our head inside. Then he molded queries in our minds into questions and spelled out answers to all of them. We have no idea how he did that and were shaken and speechless … numb at our ignorance of science and dazed in disbelief.

We were amazed by his understanding of society, his power to communicate with the unknown and ability to read one’s mind. He was like a professional, governed by rules of nature. People came to him with all sorts of queries, including sex issues, partner problems, murder, theft and anything else which you can imagine. He avoided public drama by asking believers to come at different time, guessing issues by just looking at their forehead.

We were completely emptied by experiencing something which is not explicable. His words still reverberate in my mind, when I am lonely. Sometimes we share our experiences with each other to avoid his chanting, in our head.

World is not a place for sanity and goodies. But it’s more than what we prophet to others.


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