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The Bicycle

the bicycle _

Natthu got up early morning as if he won’t reach there soon, others will get the job and Ntthu will remain jobless for the day. He drank a full glass of water and hurriedly walked towards the Majdur Mandi.

Natthu works as a daily wage labour to feed a family of four, by getting job in Mandi. Mandi has a thumb rule whoever comes first get the chance to stand ahead of others and chances are galore that this day he will get some job.

Natthu have a heavy built stature not a single sign of fat on his body. He looks younger than his usual age. He has a big mustache and bit of beard to show experience of his manual prowess over laboring.

Natthu couldn’t reach on time. As the Mandi is 10 km. away from his home. He used to walk down this distance because the savings he got to buy a bicycle had been invested in the admission of his daughter in class 3. Last year, the same had happened, his saving for bicycle was spent upon his boy’s admission for class 6. This year is an odd year; He hopes that at the year end he will be able to by a bicycle provided he gets the regular laborer work of 300 days. Until the last week work was going good but he is not able to capitalize the job for himself in Mandi since last week. He will have to think of some other ways to get jobs on regular basis.

He was lost in his thoughts. He picked a Bidi from one of the labor and puffed it out. Not being a smoker he coughed heavily. He doesn’t take tobacco or Bidi so not to deteriorate his health. He is a manual labor where his strength and good health provides him jobs.

While the left out labors were chit-chatting and exchanging their pains with each other a big car came and stopped in front of them. The black mirror of the car slides down and a beautiful lady  asked Natthu to come forward.

Are you a Mistri?

Natthu- Yes.

Come along with me in a group of 50. We are starting a big construction project to be completed within a year we need labors for that. Just assume yourself the collector and collect the 50 healthy individuals who can work properly without taking single minute of rest. The project is urgent one and needs to be completed in time bound manner.

Hurriedly, Natthu collected the 50 individuals and returned back to the car. He asked the beautiful lady the directions to reach the site. The construction site was on the other side of the town. The lady gave him the address of the construction site and asked him to lead his co-workers to the site following the car.

At this point Natthu was sad. He doesn’t have a bicycle. How will he lead the way forward? He bluntly said to the beautiful lady, “See Madam I don’t have a bicycle, I am trying hard to buy one for last two years. This year it seems possible to buy one, if I get the jobs for 300 days in the year. Without a bicycle, how can I lead them? By walking at any speed it’s not possible that a walker will catch-up the bicycle the car is a bigger thing.

The lady smiled on Natthu innocence. She asked him to enter the car and be comfortable, as the sun was so bright and she doesn’t want to waste any more moment. Now, tell others to follow the car.

Natthu came to know while chatting inside the car, the lady herself is the chief engineer. She is going to head the whole project. The construction company has other managers but they will work as subordinates to her. The owners, for whom the construction is to be done, lives outside the city. So, they will rarely be able to come at site. She used to live on the same side of the city where Natthu live and she assured him that to pick him up regularly. Not to waste a single day just because of him; the main labor not reaching on time.

That year, Natthu worked to perfection. He went to the site in a car and at the yearend he was he bought a new bicycle. Now, he manages to reach Mandi and at work on time.

Legacy of the story is “different people have different requirement which are not fulfilled till the right time come and destiny provide a chance to them to do so.”




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