The noise

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Smoky lights and loud music were burning her ear. Stink of alcohol and clouds of smoke were becoming too much for her. She opened the door and went out of the party hall, to the pool area. Ram followed her.

Ips, what happened?

Ipshita: Nothing, I am tired.

Ram: Should we go home? Do you want to take rest?

Ipshita: No, they won’t like it. Let’s sit at the pool side for a while. Then we will go home.

Ram: Ok, honey as you say. This pool is as blue as your eyes.

He started singing. Blue eyes hypnotize teri karti hai mainu…


Power went off. Not again. How would she study for exams? She checked outside the window. No electricity in neighborhood as well. She looked at the sky. It was as blue as her eyes. Stars were like her dreams … twinkling dreams.

She returned with a candle to continue with her studies. All were sleeping. She could feel the sweet cold of October. Bed was calling her. But she can’t! To twinkle like stars, she would have to spend many sleepless nights.


Ram: Ips, Ips. Where are you lost? Its ok. If you are not feeling good, we can leave now.

Ipshita: Ram, I am not good now and I won’t be good again. This pool is not as blue as my eyes but its not as empty as me!

Ram: Why are you talking silly?

Ipshita: Ram, sometimes I want to switch of the lights and light a candle. Smell of that white melting candle (taking deep breaths, trying to sniff and feel) was far better than this alcohol and cigarette.

Ram: (holding her shoulders and trying to lift her) Let’s go … Chadh gayi hai tumhe

Ipshita: Where should we go Ram? To the same room where you locked me and left me unattended for seven days? (Dropped her hands in pool)

Ram: I am sorry Ips, but you left me with no choice. I can’t see you with other man.

Ipshita: I am used to seeing you with new woman every week Ram.


Ipshita: Maa, I don’t want to get married. At least not now. Let me complete my studies. I want to be a doctor, not a wife.

Maa: Beta what will you get from becoming a doctor. All the girls have same duty in life. To serve their family and husband. No matter whether they are doctors or engineers. Their first duty is to keep their family happy and healthy.

Ipshita: Maa, please.

Maa: Not again beta. Get ready. They must be reaching anytime.


Ipshita slipped in water slowly. Ram stood their silently. He loved her but enough is enough. He saw the bubbles rising till they stopped. Then he returned back to the party.


– Nikita


2 thoughts on “The noise

  1. Nice short story. What do you think should Ipshita do in this situation? I wish to know that from Author’s perspective. Please reply

    1. She should become emotionally balanced by distracting her focus from her husband to herself. Sometimes being selfish is better than being selfless.

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