The Storyteller


“Mohabbat karni jaruri hai,

hak ho to jayaz,

najayaz agar majburi hai!”

  • By Mehak Mirza Prabhu


The lady with handful of red bangles, white and brown silk saree and red bindi with big ear loops. She reminds me of my mother and her stories… Well for the first time I heard her story on women’s day, when the link to her story was going viral.

Kairi Ka Achaar

Achaar banane ja rahi hun – Kairi ka,

Dopahar ka khana, bartan manjana saare kaam ho chuke hai,

Kuch mehmaan aane waale hain par aane me kuch deri hai,

To amma ne kaha jake Rajjo achaar bana le kairi ka


  • By Mehak Mirza Prabhu


The storyteller reflected the norms of society and woman empowerment in a single short story. I was impressed by her voice modulation her narration style but the most of it was the content of story. Not only her looks resembles the common Indian woman but also her stories talks about them and the common mass of the country.

Then, one day upset from the office work overload and impossible expectations of work life balance, I was feeling little low. When, I started to search some more stories by Mehak Mirza Prabhu, to sooth my soul from a heavy day. By now we had become friends. The one sided friendship. A friend, whose stories make me feel at home, with the memories of my small town and the young age. Whose voice soothes me and whose story talks about us. “US” the “the Indians”.

That day I opened her “TEDx Talks”. This was not the first time I was listening the TEDx. But, this time someone was talking differently on TEDx. She was telling her story in Hindi &  Marathi. She is again the simple woman I can connect to. Her talk… Her talk about her life on TEDx was something which awakened the new me.

She lost her family, when she was a teen. She was left in the world with her grandmother. She refused to go abroad with her aunt because she didn’t want to leave her grandmother alone. In such circumstances of grief she appeared for her exams and stood second in her college. To give more credit to her, she started her father business and achieved the success there again. But her story is not about the success and glories. It’s about how she never gave up in the times of difficulties and failure. She decided to collect herself once again with her daughter in her hands, when she was still young and was divorced and penniless. Within a year she was again a successful business woman.

Bad times decided to test her once more time. This time it was illness. When she was not able to write, she started recording her stories. It was then that she realised where to go next. Once again she rose up from zero, like a phoenix. Now, she has became the “The Storyteller”. The Storyteller, whose voice is soothing, narration style is ethnic and whose stories are connecting.


My new friend whom I first met on social networking and who recite stories to sooth my soul meets me occasionally on youtube. Sometimes, she speaks my soul when she says:

“Bachpan ko tayohaar sa manati hun,

isiliye shayad aaj bhi kahaniyan sunati hun!”

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  1. Superbly expressed… felt as … I m reading my own mind … same storyline … only difference is that I m a homemaker… Love u THE STORYTELLER

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