Fiction Nightmare – The Wall – I


The playground has already been filled with students Vaibhav announces when he returns back to his class where his friends are having lunch. The playground of the college is huge and raw. Vaibhav takes a big chunk of bread from his friend’s lunchbox and swallows it without chewing. He picks up the cricket bat placed on the bench; swings it in the air as to hit a six. This is a classroom of 8th standard students of a boy’s college. The last class before the lunch just ended where Vaibhav got a punishment to go out as he was chatting to someone. When he walked out other students laughed on him where his friends told him to occupy a good spot on the playground for match. Vaibhav is the opening batsman of this team.

Quickly all finishes packing their lunchboxes and sprints toward the ground. Today Vaibhav captured a spot to the furthest corner of the playground. The spot is the best place to have a cricket match as its pitch is not grassy or dusty at all. But it is near to the wall which is the extreme boundary of the college. There is a strict restriction for the students not to cross the boundary as the other side is a private compound of a society. Once a child crossed the wall and died there.

Everyone appreciated Vaibhav but all are concerned if the ball will cross the wall how will they get it back. On which Vaibhav justifies to play safe and whosoever will hit the ball out will bring it and will be considered as out. As the whole playground is now filled with students they have no other choice.

The match starts and they play for half an hour. It is Vaibhav’s day as he hits the maximum score and nobody gets him out. After which the bell rings and everybody return back to their classes. But just in time Vaibhav hits the ball across the wall. They just leave the ball there and return back to class. Vaibhav gets one more punishment in next class after lunch to go out.

Vaibhav is standing outside of the class when his class teacher comes there; to avoid being seen by him he runs away toward the water area which is just before the ground and is pretty much shadowed by big banyan tree. He hides himself behind the trunk of the big tree while peeping toward the class if his teacher follows him. But to his great luck he is safe this time either his class teacher would have complained his parents about his misdeeds. Vaibhav stays there for a while and when he becomes sure that his teacher must have gone he comes out. Now to avoid further incidents of this kind he decides not to go near the class and thinks to spend rest of the time on the playground itself. When he walks toward the playground he notices a boy standing there at the same spot where they played today in lunch time. He feels lucky to have a companion and goes straight to the boy and asks him:

Vaibhav : Hey there! You are from which class.

The Boy : I don’t study here.

Vaibhav : can I join you?

The Boy : yaa sure.

Vaibhav comes to know the name of the boy is Sameer, his parents died in a car accident just outside of the school’s compound when he was young and now he lives with his grandmother in the society. When Vaibhav asks the boy how you came to the ground if you don’t read here; the boy tells him he just jumped the wall to play here. They talks for a while and when Vaibhav is about to return to his class again Sameer stops him.

Sameer : Won’t you search the ball which you hit at lunch hour?

Vaibhav : Surprised! How do you know that I hit a ball cross the wall at lunch time?

Sameer : I was there at top of the wall when you all were playing here.

Vaibhav : Ok. But we are not allowed to cross the wall. Anyway if you will find it just return it back tomorrow.

Sameer : But I can do it today; as I found it then only but you all left in a hurry so I couldn’t return it back that time.

Vaibhav : I have a class in few minutes. If I won’t reach there on time I will get one more punishment and that will be the third time in a day.

Sameer : Just wait a while.

Sameer climbes the wall in a hurry and in no time throws the ball back toward Vaibhav. He catches it and says a big thank to Sameer and runs away toward his class. He reaches there on time and joins his friends. He shows the ball to them and tells about Sameer. From that day the group started to play regularly on the same spot and if the ball crosses the wall Vaibhav collects it after the classes from Sameer. Few days Sameer joins them as well to play crossing the wall.

One day when Vaibhav was waiting for Sameer to come at the playground after the classes to collect the ball he notices a drawing on the wall. It was of a dog that has been cut in parts and a man is standing beside. Suddenly Sumeer jumps from the wall shouting harshly.

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