11.p.m. Nightmare-The wall-II

the wall

Sameer is breathing heavily. He grabs Vaibhav by hand and takes him far away from the wall. Vaibhav is already shocked by seeing the picture on the wall and now the different gestures from Sameer. Somehow Vaibhav maintains his composure and asks Sameer:

Vaibhav : What happened Sameer?

Sameer : He killed my dog who was my only companion when I don’t come here.

On hearing that Vaibhav was shocked.

Vaibhav : Who killed your dog, Sameer ?

Sameer : I can’t tell his name or he will kill me as well.

Vaibhav : Stop this nonsense. We both are here; just tell me who killed your dog. Just see yourself somebody has made a picture of that on the wall.

Sameer : I see, it must be drawn by him only. I was roaming here alone when he called me across the wall but I refused. He gets angry whenever I refuse him. After sometime when I went across the wall; I saw him standing beside my dog that was cut in half. His face and hand was dark red. He was still holding his axe in his hands. I tried to confront him; but he chased me up to the wall when I jumped here.

Vaibhav : Should we tell to others?

Sameer : I don’t know. He is a good guy who always helps me but at times when I don’t listens to him; he gets furious.

Vaibhav hears a grunt across the wall. They run toward the exit of the college; as the college is already deserted except for few late goers; they come out from the main gate at the road.

Vaibhav : What should we do now?

Till now Sameer was cooled down a bit. He was still in pain at the loss of his friendly dog that he loved much. But now he was in panic for his grandmother.

Sameer : Oh. Don’t think too much about him now; he cools down when the college is vacant. I will go inside the society’s compound from the main gate. But I will never forgive him for what he did today.

Vaibhav : I will see by myself if he is beatable or not. We will teach him a good lesson never to forget.

Both walk toward the society’s main gate. At the top of the gate the board shows ‘The Christian Union Society’. Sameer is leading the way now as they enter inside. Vaibhav notices the layout of the society is of colonial period. All the buildings have thick walls; small ones are roofed by red bricks and a veranda. There are fountains everywhere and lush green atmosphere. All together it is a huge compound in the middle of the city. Vaibhav likes it a lot. They both go to the outmost corner of the society where Sameer lives. It was near to a deserted cemetery. At reaching their Sameer enters his house and comes back in no time.

Sameer : Everything is all right. Will you come to my house first?

Vaibhav : Not now, Sameer. It’s getting late just show me the man first.

They walk toward the cemetery adjoining to the college’s boundary. They search the man for half an hour; the cemetery was colossal- dilapidated old church was within the periphery of the cemetery; they search him everywhere but find nothing. The dog is still laying there cut in half. They bury the dog in the cemetery at a vacant place. As it was getting deep dark now Vaibhav says goodbye to Sameer and was about to go from there when he hears the same grunt. He turns behind and notices that a heavy black figure was standing near the wall.


read the last part at 9.00 p.m. 28th July, 2018

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