Wrong train …

Wrong train- CelebrateLife-fiction

It’s was already 8.10 am but Belapur train of 7.55 am had not arrived. Saturday evenings are not crowded but Sneha wanted to reach home soon. Ajay, her hubby, had reached. Her mom was calling continuously and her mobile was buzzing like a bazooka.

Finally! Train arrived and Sneha got into the train first so that she could pick her mobile to stop those buzzes. 15 missed calls and 3 messages from Devesh flashed on her mobile. She grabbed a seat on the train and instantly got lost in the memory lane.

It was a nice rainy morning. They were sitting on the top of Kanheri Caves. Green Mumbai, Peaceful Mumbai. All their dreams were coming true, slowly and sweetly. It was officially their last date. Marriage functions would start from tomorrow and in exactly seven days they will be husband and wife. After five long years of wait, their families had consented for the marriage.

Mobile flashed: One new massage from Devesh:

“This is what I got from you after doing all for you…you back stabbed me Sneha! I trusted you …”

Sneha replied: Trust??? Do you know what that means???

She opened another massage.

Message 1: “Why you did this to me? Do you think this will make me yours’ again? I never loved you …You were just easy to be with, in all what I had…”

Sneha (lost in thoughts again):

Flowers, chocolates, hand-made cards, dresses and surprise parties. What else she could have thought of on their first anniversary. He treated her like a princess. What was all that, if he never loved me? Why did he go against his family to marry me? Oh yes! I was the best available deal with 6 figure salary, flat, car and willing to convert everything property to joint name. How could she be such a fool? Why did she marry him….?


She opened another message:

Message 2: “What do you think, you will decide whom shall I talk to and whom I shall not? I never gave you that authority. Not even when you were my wife. Sonam is innocent. She is mine. If you try to mess up our relationship, I will not tolerate.”

Sneha smiled. Finally what she did had its effect. She knew it will work! After all, she is an investment banker. How did he think she would allow him to fool her that easily… It was not for no reason that she pretended to be his friend after three years of their divorce.

She opened next message:

Message 3: “From Sonam: Hi Devesh…I met Sneha today. How could you be so cheap? You married her for money? You took all she earned and then divorced her.  You divorced her saying she was dating a man. When really, you were the one dating me. You lied to me that you were divorced much before you met me…”

Train stopped. Mahim Junction. Sneha read the board again: Mahim Junction.

Oh! She boarded the wrong train. She got up and just got down!


– Nikita


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