Fiction Nightmare-The Hostel Strikes You Alone -I

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Raghav was not feeling well at this odd hour of night; drunk to a certain point he had a little fight with his girlfriend, he was sure that his friends must have been slept way ahead while he was talking to his girlfriend after a big round of drinking and shouting at the hostel’s common room. In between putting back his mobile to his trousers he was still contemplating about the last sentence his girlfriend told him. ‘You don’t deserve a girl like me as you have no dignity for a woman.’ How could she say such a harsh sentence when he regularly talks to her and does whatever is possible to make her happy? It was only the last weekend when they had a tremendous trip to falls.

He was musing and was walking back towards his room from the lower roof of the hostel when he heard a sound of a lady’s anklet in the backside garden of the hostel. No woman crosses this hostel in day hours on chances of hearing filthy remarks; how was it possible for a woman to come to the hostel in night. On curiosity Raghav retreats back to the roof laughing on his thought about the reputation of his hostel. He reviewed the backside garden from the roof but finds nobody there. As he turns back to go to his room again what he saw a figure sitting on the upper roof of the hostel just above the place where he was standing. In night it was hard to identify who the figure was as the upper roof’s light was fixed bit low from the railings of the roof; but the light which halted Raghav’s vision was showering enough light on Raghav to identify him.

On seeing Raghav just beneath him and knowing that Raghav saw the figure sitting there; the figure pounced instantly upon Raghav. Raghav shut his eyes and lowered himself a bit as an instant reflexion. But there was no collision as the figure somehow vaporized in the air; it was the last thing that Raghav remembered when somebody awakes him on his bed tomorrow morning. Raghav was bewildered how he reached there and what happened to the figure. But there was no one to answer as nobody was there at the last night. Instantly he went to the lower roof but there was nobody there, surprised he returned back to his room and sat on his bed thinking about what happened last night to him. He was sure it was not a dream as he checked his mobile where he talked to his girlfriend till 2 o’clock in the night. Not finding the suitable answer and getting late for college he freshen himself a bit to go to college. He noticed he had a severe pain in his joints and a mild fever. But the classes today was important and later in afternoon he will have to meet his girlfriend to sooth her.

After morning class at 9, he was not in a situation to take anymore classes of the day. He called to his girlfriend after the class ended and asked her to meet; but she had an important class; so she told him to meet at 12, but knowing that Raghav was not feeling good she told him to meet tomorrow and suggested to return back to hostel and take some rest. The hostel was at least 4 km away from college so Raghav didn’t take a chance and booked a separate auto-rikshwa to return back. He took some pills from chemist on his suggestion and returned back to the hostel. There were still some students present in the hostel as it was 10:45 only. Raghav went straight to his room locked it and threw himself to his bed and slept. When he woke up again on harsh pounding on his door what he sees it was 2 o’clock of afternoon. He shouts on the door ‘who is there? But the pounding continued and this time bit harsher. It was a pounding like somebody is being chased and if Raghav won’t open the door something untoward will happen. Raghav instantly opened the door shouting ‘who is it?’

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