Fiction Nightmare – The Hostel Strikes You Alone-II


Again a figure entered his room instantly with same sounds of anklet, but as Raghav turned nobody was there in the room. He went outside the room but the whole hostel was deserted as the students were gone to the college and the sun was shining brighter at the middle garden of the hostel just outside of his room. Raghav felt a shiver at the back of his spine thinking what is it? Was he seeing a dream but it was not a dream as some fresh footmarks made of water was still visible on his door. He didn’t have the courage to go inside his own room but as he was not feeling well at all; he had no other options but to lay down. As the summer was unbearable outside he could not sleep anywhere else now in the hostel. He walked to the other lobbies of the hostel if anyone was present but there was not a single open room on his floor and the chances were high that on lower part the situation will be the same. On fatigue he returned back to his room to find there were no footmarks there but was marked with water like something has been dragged by someone from his room to outside and taken it to the other side where the hostel’s lower roof was present. He accumulated all his courage and went to the side where the roof was present the marks were visible till the end where the last night Raghav was standing while seeing the figure. He had no courage to see upside in this daylight as well. But as he was standing there he noticed the shadow of the figure in the sunlight on the roof was present just few steps further to him. This time he sees that the figure jumped again and a heavy load pounded on him with his full thrust on his back. Raghav was laying on the burning floor of the roof. Now he felt that few individuals were dragging him towards his room. He was unable to move by the collision and the individuals dragged him back to his room and shut it. He felt heavy load of individuals upon him this time and soon fainted with pain, bruises and fever.

When he woke up at 2 o’clock at the night he was somebody else, he opened his door went straight to the lower side roof of the hostel at the exact mark where he was standing at the last night. Now he sees upside again and sees the figure pounding on him again, after which he was dragged again to his room and the room was shut.

This time his friends knowing that something bad has happened to Raghav was guarding his room, they were talking about what Raghav was telling to one of his friend earlier in the morning. They saw Raghav opened the door and went straight to the lower side roof and an abnormal incident after that.

After the second night Raghav went into coma and his family feel helpless not knowing what to do as doctors

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