Busy these days

busy these

It’s really strange that we start feeling alone when there is nothing more to do as if the to-do lists are our best companions. It’s when there is a sudden realization that how awful does it feel if you are just sitting and doing nothing. The truth that looms large before eyes is we confuse being occupied with being useful as if the daily grind that we are in is adding meaning to life. It’s all that we have got for ourselves; getting up ,doing chores and at night retiring to bed only to go over the same process again and again. And yes the sad reality is that most of us comprehend life to be just this.

Another interesting thing to note is are we really happy sitting with our own real selves, do we actually enjoy our own company? What is it that creates a necessity inside us to be occupied with something? That something which we think  names us, defines us, sustains us or completes us. And if there is nothing to do then probably we are not doing things the right way or may be not living life at all. As if we identify ourselves with the jobs that we do, the list that we tick-off by the end of the day and the one that we prepare for the next day.

And so the next time you see someone extremely busy in keeping himself/ herself busy, please stop and say hello and who knows you might be able to strike the conversation of a lifetime. It’s just the ice that needs to melt ❤

By Roshni Jaiswal


Roshni has a day job of  demand planning and merchandising professional. Outside of her day job, she enjoys spending her time cooking and writing. Through her articles, she likes to inspire people to perform beyond their expectation.

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