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Marriage interview meeting CelebrateLife

Kamini was standing in front of the mirror. Dark black beautiful eyes, waist length black silky hair and sharp nose. People called her ‘Indian beauty’ in her college. She has an IIT engineering degree, works with Wipro, knows classical music and kathak. But nothing she possessed would qualify her for a bride in today’s market.

After six rejections, Simmpi Bua’s persistent suggestion of ‘one month marriage diploma’ for Kamini, to change her looks and life style, was welcomed by her mother.

Pum-Pum, Pum-Pum … continuous honking by Simmpi Bua woke Kamini from her day dreams. She took her bag, touched her mother’s and father’s feet and set out to Simmpi Bua’s home for her ‘one month marriage diploma’.

Bua: See Kamini, I want you to be happy in your life. A marriage can’t fetch you anything if you don’t know what exactly you want from your marriage. Your mother is a very simple woman. She never follows any trend. She brought you up, as her mother brought her up.

But gone are the days when boys wanted a wife, when wife was expected to live at home and take care of the family. Your father calls your mother “Grihlaxmi”. No boy desires for a “Grihlaxmi” now. They all want Laxmi to buy a Grih in which they have no time to live in. All of them fantasize about Aishwarya Rai.

(Both Kamini and Bua laughed)

Bua: Ok, We reached. You take rest in the guest room and settle yourself today. Your marriage classes will begin from tomorrow.


It was result day for Kamini’s marriage diploma classes. Once again, she was standing in front of the same mirror in her room. She was ready for Mr. 7th; revising everything she learned in her marriage diploma classes.


Mirror said: Indian dusky beauty has turned into properly toned corporate English lady with shoulder length bouncy hair, properly highlighted eyes with liner, kajal and mascara, lips properly lined with the liner and filled with lipstick, small studded artificial ear rings complimented by no other ornaments, Zara’s tight fit top, Levi’s jeans, heals and handbag. 

Kamini realized that this marriage diploma has changed her, like she got a new lease of life. She remembered her preparation for Mr. 6th… Kamini in pink sari, gold jewellery, properly clipped long hair, bangles with her mother supporting her every now and then.

Kamini- kamini, Maa’s voice woke her. Abhishek (Mr. 7th) called. He will meet you in R Mall.

Simmpi Bua: Ye kya Bhabhi. Aap meri saari mehnat pe paani pher dengi. He is calling you? Kamini beta, you call him back from your cell. Tell him you are on the way. Take your father’s car. Remember all the answers. You look stunning. Be polite and joyful. All the best, beta!

Kamini: Thanks Bua! Bye Maa.


Kamini: Hi!

Abhishek: Hello! Good to see you. What will you have? I placed my order, while waiting for you. You order something for yourself.

(Kamini smiled, went to order coffee and came back)

Abhishek: So, ask whatever you want to know about me? I am an open book.

Kamini: (Bua’s Voice: Open book= whatever you ask, he will not speak truth, will blur only what you will like to listen. So, don’t ask anything, to know him, we shall do our homework.) (With pleasant smile)

What have you ordered? Shall I bring yours too?

Abhishek: Oh! No no, please. Please excuse me for two minutes.

(Abhishek returned with both the coffees)

Kamini: Wow! We both ordered same coffee. Seems things can go easy between us. So, what are your expectations from your would be wife?

Abhishek: Nothing great. She shall live her own life and let me live mine. You tell me … working with Wipro, an IIT grad, drawing a great package and having killer looks. Why Arrange Marriage?

(Kamini smiled confidently. Bua told her not to be shy. Girls should react when someone praise them as they already know how beautiful they are)

Kamini: Actually things didn’t go well between my boyfriend and me. He wanted me and I wanted something else from my life then.

(Bua’s Voice: Never mention that till the age of 27 you were single, nobody will select a rejected piece, so to add value to your marriage profile lie about your relationship.)

Abhishek: Hmm … So, what do you expect from your would be husband?

Kamini: (Bua’s voice: Thoughts should match) He shall live his own life and let me live my own.

(They both smiled. Abhishek looked happy and impressed.)

Abhishek: Are you a party animal?

Kamini: (Bua’s voice: young India=kamao, udao aur kam pade to jyada kamao) I enjoy parties, but only if there’s no family obligations.

(Abhishek expressions say yes-yes, sure-sure)

Kamini: By the way what’s your package?

(Bua: Ask his package even if you know it. Money is the only thing your husband can give you, to keep you happy. He has sacrificed all his youth and principles to earn it. Let him boast about it.)

Abhishek: (with broad smile on his face) Oh! Nothing great. Just sufficient to enjoy life with you on our sea facing flat with no bills to worry about.

Kamini: (Finished her coffee. This was the time to implement the last lesson of marriage diploma – leave him early with some meeting excuse. Ensure him you won’t bother him, on his holidays, to spend day with you as you have your own social links and obligations)

Abhishek, I am feeling awkward to say this. I have a meeting with my property dealer today. I have been postponing this meeting for last two weeks due to other engagements. If you don’t mind, shall I go for that now?

Abhishek: No, it’s alright. Work is always first.

If you are ok with this proposal, give me your words. So that, all functions can be arranged before my vacation ends.

Kamini was nervous and sad, when she should have been happy that finally someone selected Miss Rejected. She was wondering if Abhishek said yes to their marriage or some other marriage agreement, in which they will be living together in one house but living individually, their own separate lives.

Kamini:(managed to reply with smile) Oh yes! Why not? Shall I share this great news with my parents or will you do the honours.




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