Nothing less than love!

If you come near me with regret
Its better that you rather forget
That there ever existed a bliss..
                                                                                If you come near me out of kindness
                                                                                Better not as to me its still loneliness
                                                                                For long I have been living like this…
  If you come near me as compensation
  Just do not if the heart lacks passion
  For the feelings have evaporated above…
                                                                                           If you ever wish to come back again
                                                                                           Carry a heart that doesn’t disdain
                                                                                           For now I need “nothing less than love”
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Roshini Jaiswal








Roshni has a day job of  demand planning and merchandising professional. Outside of her day job, she enjoys spending her time cooking and writing. Through her articles, she likes to inspire people to perform beyond their expectation.

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