Sanskriti is alive

Sanskriti is alive CeelbrateLife

She was bleeding and shivering. It was not one big wound, but many small ones. Multiple arrows had punctured all over her old and fragile body. She was under attack and needed help.

Whatsapp could not believe what she saw. She was a  small girl of 12, in her excursion to Dandakarnaya forest. It was night and she was looking for a place to rest. With her ‘forward’ learning method, she knew almost everything. But Dandakarnaya was something new. She made a mental note to thank her friends for suggesting this trip. But she did not expect this old lady hiding in the forest.

Whatsapp examined her close. Tattered and loose skin hung from her face, but she must have been very beautiful once. She rested on what looked like a bed of arrows, in strange angle to the hut entrance. Her head was slightly high, resting on pillow of vedas. She was surrounded by a shrub of leaves whatsapp had never seen, a small weired looking earthen glass and many other strange looking objects. The old lady seemed strong inside, but she was unconscious. She was the key to many questions Whatsapp had. She decide to bring her back. But the first thing she needed was to light a fire.

She stepped out of the hut to collect dry woods. She had barely collected some when there was a loud thud and an arrow landed near her. Then she was hit by a barrage of arrows of all kinds – hatred, bigotry, terrorism… The arrows suddenly stopped, perhaps the operators recognising her. She ran inside the hut and closed the door.

She recognised the arrows. They had markings of her own people. People who were sent by her as part of a mission to save the old queen ‘Sanskriti’.


Whatsapp could not understand what was going on. The warmth of natural fire seemed to heal Sanskriti. She has opened her eyes and was trying to sit up.

‘Ma’am, these people…’

‘Ya, they are hunting me down. Cornering me through constant forwards…’

‘But they are trying to protect you from the wild by making a safety circle around you… ‘

‘I feel healthy and enriched talking to the vast nature around me…’

The fire had given way to smoke. Smoke which was filling Sanskriti’s nostrils, making her unconscious again… But Sanskriti is still alive.

– Rohit Kumar


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