The confinement (A Joker)


The web of life is so minutely confined and twisted within the narrow boundaries of the norms of society that people who try to cross this; sometimes are called rebels. Rebels who particularly hits out on the societal norms to spread awareness among masses, sometimes through peculiar acts. I found someone who used to earn his living through peculiar act … Joker of a circus. I interviewed him to know what he thinks about society and it’s norms. But simultaneously I was also evaluating him on a different parameter. I understood that he was one of the rebels that I was searching for years.

City of Varanasi is so rich in its culture and traditions that people from far off corners of the world come there to understand the open culture and civilization there. They often comment that they have never seen a city with as much contrasting culture within a small area. This is either to applaud or slam the city. My suggest is to come and experience the culture before taking any sides.

I was doing my masters when a circus came to the city. Excited, I went to see the first show. There were numerous entertaining acts by individuals or groups as well. The one who attracted my attention was the joker. He was repeatedly calling upon the audience to participate in his jokes rather than showing off his talent as other performers generally do.

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He was having a trolley which he pulled from time to time as he is having a huge burden upon his shoulder which he was carrying as a confinement at the same time whenever he left the trolley his face radiated with a glow not to be unnoticed. I was much more impressed by his single performance where he was interacting with his audience with a mime; never had a chance to see a performance of that caliber before or after.

I was much more engrossed by his performance that I hardly noticed others; and was eagerly waiting for the show to end to have a chance to meet-personally to the individual behind the mask of a joker.

I went behind the tent to notice that he was a short man of lanky stature. Much of his fat was reduced to a single layer of skin with hard build mussels. His bony structure was starkly protruding out of normalcy and probing others to have a chat with him.

I was right to search for him at concluding that as I met him the first time after the show ended. He was chatter; as I asked for him he came to me with a mask than just before he was to shake my hand, he removed his mask with a jolt to show off who he really is. And mind it he transformed in an instant to someone else as I describe.

He approved for the interview on the next Thursday as there are not much crowd on the middle of the week. I initially met him on Sunday and as I had three more days to interview him I thought I had to prepare well before to meet him. I charted out to interview others of his team members to know something about him before the actual meeting with him; but the schedules and individuals had no appetite to talk about him rather posing for my camera and being famous.

At the end of Monday I left the plan to interview others and saw all the shows of the circus next day. To my surprise he was not available for the two shows of the morning and afternoon than there was a pause of an hour and in the evening show I thought that he is ill & I went back to the tent and asked for him. I came to know that he doe’s only one shows in a day specially the last one.

I said that I saw him in the morning show on first day. The owner of the circus replied back saying he is a loner of sorts but a great performer

That day was our opening and he never misses opening weather its morning or night. But after the first show he puts himself to his schedule and performs just once in the last show of the day. I was amazed to know that a performer of a circus can have schedules as well. Till now I used to think mediocre of the individuals who performs circus.


I was intrigued to know just one thing that he returns back to his place and nobody knows where he comes from. On scheduled days suddenly he pops up and do his performance and goes back. The owner of the circus told me while having a conversation on Wednesday that once while seeing his talent he offered him the lead role in gymnastics and with animals as a trainer but he refused. He preferred to be the joker only all the time. He never asks for money just takes whatever I give him as a compliment.

Now I was freaking out to interview him to know the reality of this loner who had boggled me for days and night for past 4 days. I was amazed and atoned to my habit to know something when it motivates me to do so. I have a intuitive mind and 90% of my intuitions are always right. If I was right about him than surely the first time I will meet a rebel. One more aspect of the last meeting was that I suspected that he is an experienced Maoist trained to rebel and kill army whenever time requires.

Finally the Thursday came and I interviewed him. I will report the interview in passive manner for the readers to understand his view and persona that made me impossible to interview him.

The Joker was a Maoist. He was placed on the out circuit of the city to observe the happenings here and report back to his bosses as an informer. He was a learned one and had read all the books on society, culture, tradition, sociology, psychology etc. While interviewing him he showed me his double barrel small revolver as well. This was his job and his only solace in this world after this much knowledge of the society was Circus. He used to travel with the circus and camouflaged himself within the boundaries of performances. He never missed an opportunity to make me feel that a government is a confinement and we are a puppet in the hands of the capitalism. When I was about to finish the interview as I have got all the answers of my intuitions which was misled by his performance, he removed his mask and transformed in an instant to someone else.


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