Twist of Tale!

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After marriage life changes, so does the priorities of life. Sita and Geeta were meeting after a year. Friends, who once use to live together, could not even talk daily now.

Sita: How long has it been?

Geeta: What?

Sita: His affair, what else Geeta?

Geeta: Hmm … We got married last year July 5th. But that’s only a date for him. He still loves her.

Sita: He told you all these b****

Geeta: Yes. That morning his phone was buzzing like anything. He had forgot to take his cell. I saw a message flashing – “Honey! I know, now you have responsibilities but my love for you is still the same…!”

Sita: Then?

Geeta (closing her eyes and resting her head on pillow): That night he told me I am his wife. He respects me and will never step back from his responsibilities. He will try to give me all I deserve. But the love for ‘her’ is like oxygen he breaths. She had made many sacrifices for him, even his marriage. So I should not expect him to leave her mid-way. (Tears rolled down her cheeks)

Sita: Geeta! Why don’t you leave him???

Geeta: Didi, how can you leave something which doesn’t belong to you!!!

Pin drop silence engulfed the room. Sita moved out of the room, wiping her tears with her pallu.


Sea is silent today. Just like his wife. She has always puzzled him. Why did he marry her? Why couldn’t he take a good decision. What was that? May be her deep meaningful eyes … which speak a lot more than she does. Aman was lost in his own thoughts.

Madhu: Shall we go for an ice – cream, darling?

Aman (Trail of memories ended with Madhu’s charming smile): Yes, then we will leave.

Madhu: Why so early?

Aman: Her sister has come home today.

Madhu: Oh! Priorities of life.

Aman: (Hugged her tightly) That’s you. Rest are just formalities or should we say compulsions of life.

Madhu: (Kissing him) Lets move then, honey. We will have ice-cream some other day. Can you please drop me at my mum’s place.

Aman: No let’s have ice-cream first. Then I will drop you and go back home. No hurry. She is staying back tonight.


Sita: (Returned with two cups of tea) Le teri masala chai ready hai. (Your masala tea is ready)

Geeta: (returning from washroom, wiping her face) Bas puri zindigi ka maja isi ek chai me to hai (This tea is the only enjoyment of life)

Sita: I will not say much. It’s your life but if he is not yours, there is no point in living with him. Take a call. Have some dignity and self-respect. How dare he treat you like this. And you are accepting it like a ….

Tring – Tring … The door bell rang.

Geeta: Baitho didi main kholti hun, humare payare jiju maharaz padhar gaye lagta hai. (Sit sister, I will open the door. Our beloved brother-in-law has reached home.)

Geeta( Opening the door) : Hey Jijs how was the day?

Aman: (Smiling back at Geeta) Excited to meet my beautiful sister-in-law.

Ignorance is bliss!

– Nikita


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