When the Dad became “Dad”!


It was her first flight. She has never been to such places before. Thirsty, tired and in need to use wash room. But who could she ask? She can’t tell all these to her “Sasur jee”. After all, how could she? Under the veil, her eyes were searching for wash room. But alas! The kind she had always used was nowhere around.


Oh my god! What kind of a place is it? How will she board the flight? What if her husband doesn’t come to pick her? Where will she keep all her luggage… All these and other thoughts made her cry… She actually started crying when her Sasur jee asked her to give him a pen and paper…


5 years later…

Savita and dad were having their evening tea together. Durgesh was still not back from office. 


Savita (unfolding the yellow paper and putting it on the table): Dad remember this map you had drawn for me, explaining how to travel by flight, how to check-in, how to collect luggage and how to use a loo! How you understood my condition, without me mentioning it dad?


Dad: Beta I also had boarded a ‘first flight’, my life.

They both started laughing 


Savita had carried that yellow paper with her. As legacy of the day when her Dad had become “Dad”




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